Bird Droppings On Car Paint And How To Avoid Damage

Bird Droppings On Car Paint

As a professional car paint protection company in Sydney, I have been involved in a myriad of detailing duties from general detailing to paint correction using various car polishing techniques, interior detailing and God knows what else, let me tell you I have seen it all. The worst thing I hate seeing on paint is egg or even worse bird droppings. In cases like this, most car owners don’t remove the bird stains and leave it on the car for days on end. Even eggs. Most people don’t know it but clear coats on paint are very thin and especially since 2008.

In many cases, when bird droppings or egg is left on the car, it is often too late to restore the finish using buffing techniques using compounds or polishes within the auto detailing industry for the simple reason that the acid in the bird dropping has penetrated the car’s paint. There are many varied elements of damage that can occur to car paint while your car is facing the sun on a daily basis and you could get away with a lot of different types of fallout sitting on your paint but, anything acidic like bird crap or eggs will eat through your paint in no time flat.

It should also be noted that on hot days, bird droppings act even faster to eat through car paint. It needs to be understood that for the sake of removing a bird turd which takes a minute to do, most car owners leave it sitting on there for weeks and when they try to remove it, they find that there is a patch left behind in the paint and say to themselves ” oh dear what is that ? ” I’ll tell you what it is.

It’s the cost of a newly re sprayed panel that your going to need because you allowed to sit on your pain twork for days on end. With the average re spray on a given panel costing anywhere from 300 dollars to 1000 dollars , it really is worth a simple moisten up and wipe off to restore your paint instead of burning a 1000 dollar hole in your hip pocket.

For cases where bird turds have been sitting on your paint, before removing it, moisten it up first. Do not try to scrape it off. You may even try using your garden hose and blast it off and this will eventually remove a large portion off your car paint. Upon having done this, grab yourself a microfiber cloth with some detailer or car polish and then wipe off the remainder of the stain. If it doesn’t come off with normal polish or you have a stain left behind you will need some form of paint correction to restore it. If it does restore to its former state then be sure to also apply car wax to protect the car’s paint from any further fallout or the elements of nature.

4 Most Common Causes of Fading Car Paint Color

Keeping your vehicle looking new with a quality car paint protection Adelaide film from a company you can trust is important. If you have bought a new car or applied a new car paint color to change the look of your vehicle, the last thing you want is to create a situation that could cause the paint to fade. Understanding the common causes of car paint fading can help you to avoid them.

1. Sunlight

Even when the sun doesn’t appear to be that bright, the ultraviolet rays can still remain powerful and can cause the car paint color to fade. The sun’s rays degrade the finish of the paintwork which is designed to protect it. This then leaves the paint exposed and susceptible to damage and fading to the color. With the sun comes the heat, which is absorbed and stored in the metal of the car’s bodywork and can also be the cause of fading and discoloration. If you find the problem mainly affects the roof, hood, and boot then this is likely to be the cause. Wherever possible, avoid parking the car in direct sunlight and store the car within an enclosed garage or covered port if you have the facility.

2. Salt

If you live near the ocean, you may find that salt in the air can be problematic and can cause your car paint color to fade. If salt is allowed to remain on the surface of the paintwork, you will find that the result will be oxidization. This can not only cause the paint to fade, but will also damage it to the point where it peels and rusts the surface beneath. This problem can be prevented with the use of a regular and effective method of cleaning and waxing to create a surface that salt cannot stick to.

3. Abrasive Cleaners

Using the wrong solutions and tools to clean the car can result in the car paint color fading if they are used over extended periods of time. Not every type of cloth is suitable for cleaning a car’s paintwork even if it is heavily soiled. Do not, under any circumstances, use a scouring style pad or cloth to clean the car as this can result in you removing layers of paint. In addition, always make sure that you use a cleaning solution that is specifically manufactured for the purpose of cleaning cars. Avoid any products that contain an array of chemicals. Maintain the wax job to the car’s paint job to reduce the need for cleaning. A decent wax will prevent debris adhering to the car so that you do not have to undertake any unnecessary cleaning.

4. Pollution

There are a range of contaminants and toxic particles that are floating around the atmosphere, which are all the more dangerous and destructive because they are not immediately evident. If you find that your paintwork has faded but there does not immediately appear to be a cause, this may be the problem. Consider your surroundings and the areas in which it is usually stored, if there is a significant amount of traffic or factories close by, as this can be the cause of the problem.

How can I Remove Rust from a Car?

If rust is showing up on the body of your vehicle even though you have been applied by car paint protection Sydney, you may want to engage in some simple rust removal and color blending in order to maintain the vehicle’s appearance. There are ways to do the job yourself, although it will take several steps and a couple of days to accomplish. If you have a free weekend coming up, you can remove rust from a car by taping off the rusty area, gently sanding off the rust, cleaning the area thoroughly, and then repainting it.

Rusting normally occurs because the car’s finish has been damaged in some manner. The rust spot increases as oxidation on the exposed bare metal in a hairline scratch or a small dent causes the rust to spread.

The first step to remove rust from a car is to gather your tools together. You will need rubber gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask for protection. To protect the surrounding areas of the vehicle, a cheap paint tarp and some painters tape will also be necessary. A sanding wheel along with a few sheets of sandpaper will also come in handy. You’ll need to have a small amount of rust acid compound on hand as well.

Begin by covering and taping off the area surrounding the scratch or dent. The idea is to protect the immediate surface that is still in good shape. The painter’s tape is not likely to hurt the finish of your car, and will stay in place for the duration of the process. Roll up the windows on the vehicle too, because when you begin to sand the rusted area, tiny particles will fly in every direction. Make sure none of the fine rust particles have a chance to settle and begin to imbed themselves in other areas of the car body or you will find yourself having to repeat the removal process.

Your first task is to address the thicker outer layer of oxidized rust using the sanding wheel. Do not rush with this step, as moving too quickly makes it easier to damage the metal. Once the tougher outer layer of rust is removed, switch to the sandpaper sheets to get into the fine nooks and crannies. This will help ensure you get all the rust off of the car during this procedure, including any small amount or residue that may have resettled when you used the sander.

When the sanded surface feels smooth, gently wipe it clean and apply a thin coat of the acid to the area. This step will take handle even the tiniest of particles and leave the exposed metal perfectly clean. Make sure to not leave the compound on the exposed metal longer than recommended in the instructions. Failure to remove the acid could lead to pitting and even more work. After removing the compound, gently wipe the area with mineral spirits and a clean cloth, and allow the section to dry.

Keep in mind that removing rust from a car should only be done when you can reprime and repaint the sanded area within the next 24-hour period. If you choose to leave the bare metal exposed for even a short time, rust can start to develop again and the damage will be worse than the initial problem.

Why Are So Many Cars Silver?

According to an analysis by a major vehicle paint manufacturer, the most popular vehicle colors among new car buyers are silver, at 23 percent of all cars, white, at 15 percent, and black, at 12 percent. Those three colors represent half of all cars on the road but do they have a car paint protection? I guess some of them don’t have.

Why So Gray?

The reasons behind car color choices are hard to pin down. One automotive paint executive speculates that silver and gray hues reflect our fascination with technology. It’s the brushed chrome hue on a laptop cover, or the gloss of smartphones and other devices.

Silvery and techno-gray hues also seem to accentuate the angular, edgy design of luxury sports vehicles. They may even lend a dab of sportiness to a family sedan.

Tastes Change

In the earliest days of the automobile, cars were called horseless carriages and that’s exactly what they looked like. Horse-drawn carriages were usually painted a dignified black, and so were the first horseless carriages.

But the quality of the paint was poor, and automobile owners found that their shiny new toys quickly faded to a sickly yellow color.

When the Ford Motor Company began producing the iconic Model T, they famously produced it only in black. But they created a new process of car painting using a hard-wearing asphalt-based paint.

By the early 1920s, Ford teamed up with the DuPont chemical company to create an improved process that could be used to paint vehicles in any color of the rainbow.

The Depression Effect

The Depression of the 1930s did not put consumers in a mood for bright colors. Cars, like fashion, took on somber hues. They would stay that way through the Depression years and the world war that followed.

With peacetime came an explosion of candy-colored vehicles.

Although the shades toned down a bit over the years that followed, a liking for color in cars didn’t entirely disappear. In 1976, the year of America’s bicentennial, the most popular car colors were red, white, and blue.

Modern Times

There’s still that half of consumers who refuse to drive a neutral colored car. And it turns out that gender plays a role in preferences.

In a 2016 study, men preferred yellow cars 34 percent more often than women. Men also liked orange vehicles more than women, by 33 percent. In the same study, women had a more pronounced preference for teal cars. They also liked gold and silver cars more often than men, and had a slight preference for blue and green.

Costly Preferences

The car colors that men prefer cost about $3,258 more than the colors women prefer.

The used car price difference is even more marked. While the average teal used vehicle costs $11,053, the average yellow used vehicle is $20,601.

This may not be as illogical as it seems. The make and model of a \used car are what counts most, and those sporty colors that men prefer tend to be used on sporty and more expensive vehicles.

Color Impact

The idea that certain colors of car cost more to insure is a myth. Insurance companies don’t even ask what color your car is. Your red car will be more expensive to insure if it’s a sports car and if it is a model that is more costly to repair.

Color has relatively little impact on resale value, compared with a car’s condition and age. Still, people generally prefer to purchase cars that are silver, white, or black. If you paint your vehicle bright purple, you might have a harder time selling it. It’s best to stick to the standard palate.

Auto Repairs Can Be Quite Pricey, So Do Your Research

As you know, you know that frustrating automobile problems are an all too common occurrence. By learning some auto repair information, you may be able to be less stressed out. Apply the great auto repair tips in this article. It will come in handy one day. Paint protection Adelaide offer our customers the best-in-class solutions they need to help protect and preserve their automobiles.

Get a good battery charger and be sure it is always in your vehicle. Learn to locate the points where you should connect the battery charger connects.

Ask a mechanic any questions you have at the shop. Preventing vehicle issues can save you a lot of money.

Use the Internet to find reviews on an auto body shop reviews. This will also allow you to know what the public thinks of how they handle customers and how good they are at solving issues. You can find a place you are comfortable enough with to fix your business to.

Make sure that you are receiving OEM parts. These are original parts designed by the manufacturer. While generic could be a cheaper option, they are not held to the same quality standards. It can appear like a deal right now and cost you more in the end to use generic parts even though you save money now.

Watch out for blatant signs that don’t know what they’re doing. If your mechanic talks in confusing terms or tells you not to worry about the details, then they might not be all that you want them to be. You want to be able to trust the person doing your repairs, so don’t be afraid to choose another one.

Always think of how to fix your car’s problems yourself before you bring it in for repairs. You probably already know that certain mechanics will deceive you about your car repairs to charge more money.

Make sure any mechanic can work on your particular vehicle. If you’re not comfortable with your mechanic working on your car, pay extra to get the dealer to repair it.

While you can usually trust an auto repair shop, you might wind up being charged more than is necessary. Search for an auto repair shop that is knowledgeable with your kind of car. These places probably have a better equipped to understand and repair any problem your vehicle.

Pay attention to the condition of your wiper blades. You need new windshield wipers if they are making noises.

Try finding a reliable mechanic who works from their own property. If they possess sufficient experience, you can get the same work done at a much cheaper price. You could save a lot of money by going down this way.

Speak with friends and family about auto repairs done for some good ideas. Your family and friends may have some good recommendations for you that will make your search much easier. You should still always do some research however.Check online to see if there is other information or reviews about the very least.

If your car has been having a small problem that you think is minor, you should have them checked out. A seemingly small problem can become a major one if it is left unchecked.

OEM is also known as the Manufacturer’s Original Equipment. Remember this if you have car parts replaced. You will seem like you know what you are talking about if you tell a knowledgeable person on auto repair by telling your mechanic to install OEM parts. This will lower your chances of getting used components in your vehicle.

After you pay the mechanic to replace older parts with newer ones, make sure the mechanic gives you the old ones that were removed. If the mechanic is unwilling to do this, this could mean that they didn’t replace anything. This is a definite red flag and you should confront him about it.

Keep your vehicle repair and maintenance receipts in a file in your car. You can sort them however you like as long as you know what is where.This will be valuable to keep in mind.

This can prevent your carpet staining from things like slush and slush. These are necessary during winter seasons or difficult weather patterns.

Choose between getting your car fixed by a dealership or an independent repair shop. Independent garages are cheaper, but you may or may not get service of high quality.

Don’t be scared when getting the car repaired. Any reputable company worth its salt will be happy to answer your questions.

Rotating your tires regularly can prevent wear and tear on tires. You should have it done every 6000 miles or so, but this can vary depending on the make or model of the vehicle you drive. Get high-quality tires to avoid them having trouble with wear.

You may not think there are any important issues that you can notice, but only a professional will be able to tell you for sure. If the mechanic does not find any problems, the dashboard computer may need to be adjusted.

Check the amperage on burned out fuse before changing it. You must be sure to get fuses replaced with ones that have the same amperage. If you find yourself replacing fuses very often, take your car to a mechanic who specializes in electric systems to get it checked.

Check out your drive axle boots frequently. These are needed to provide protection to the drive axle joint. You can inspect this part by turning the wheels of your car and looking behind them.

You have to know what your mechanic plans to do before agreeing to hiring them. Ask him how much that will be.

Once you have an idea of what your car needs, you should look online to see what it should cost you. Compare prices for repairs on model to ensure you’re making fair comparisons.

Car repairs can be overwhelming. It also can be expensive. Using the tips here will better equip you to do deal with mechanical issues in the future. You should be better prepared when finding a mechanic and more competent to fix minor problems yourself when possible.

How You Can Master Car Repair Techniques

The next time there is trouble with your car, could you fix it yourself? Use the tips below to help you in your vehicle. You’ll save a little bit of cash while feeling good about your skills. All over the world there are different car cleaning products for our car but often the knot we choose the cheaper one and we ended up scratching our head because of poor quality.

This shows that a mechanic has passed a special test for competence and has more than two years experience as a mechanic. This ensures that you have the best mechanic performing maintenance on your car.

Ask many questions you bring it in for repairs. Preventing automotive issues with your vehicle is an excellent way to save money.

Ask a potential mechanic is he is familiar with working on the exact kind of car you have. If so, then they are likely going to be able to also fix your car easily enough.

Be aware of a mechanic who perform unneeded repairs on your car. A good mechanic will need to be replaced soon but they should not replace the part without getting your full approval. Never bring your repeat business to a auto technician who doesn’t do the right kinds of repairs.

Make sure the mechanic you hire knows about your particular car.If you cannot be sure, take your car to the dealer instead.

Keep a spare tire and jack with you all the time. Many newer cars already have these. You don’t need to be stuck out in the road and be forced to spend money on a tow. It is a whole lot easier and cheaper to do the work yourself.

Never forget about your windshield wiper blades.You need new blades if they are streaking or making noises and leaving streaks on the glass.

Speak with friends about where they get their auto repairs done for some good ideas.They can fill you in the right direction if so. You should still always do some research however.Check online reviews at the shop in question.

Just because the days are colder doesn’t mean you should quit washing your vehicle. Winter can be the most damage causing time of the year for your car with constant precipitation. Salt and sand lead to rust and other flaws.

If you have been having minor car issues, it is smart to get it checked right away. A small problem can become a major one if don’t pay attention to it.

Warranties can be very important when you need to replace parts.Ask the mechanic about your warranty in regards to parts they’re ordering for you.

Not that many people invest the time in reading their car’s manual. You really ought to study the manual so you can locate useful information quickly. Your manual has all that you should know when it comes to maintaining your vehicle and doing minor repairs yourself.

AAA is an excellent ally to have on your side when you need auto repair. You can often find that AAA membership if you shop around.

You can replace your oil or top up your windshield fluid compartment. It is not true that these routine maintenance jobs. You must know how to do certain things, then roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

If an auto body shop does good work for you, make sure to go to them for all your car troubles. You might even get discounts for your continued business.

The first barrier you face with auto repair. You want to avoid any mechanics that give your business to an untrustworthy auto mechanic. If a mechanic ignores your input, talk quickly or don’t listen to you, that is a good sign to stay away.

Modern cars are fitted with all kinds of warning lights and sensors that can tell you if problems are problems. Sometimes the sensors themselves may malfunction, so it is a good idea to manually check your car every once in a while.

You can delay repair on small stuff, but major issues, steering wheel, tires or brakes give you trouble. You may get into a dangerous situation if one of these parts ends up breaking down.

Don’t buy into the tune up at 100K miles. This is a fallacy and nothing more. You would better off if you followed the maintenance schedule recommended by the manual that came with your car.

Rotating your tires regularly can really help you keep them longer. Your tires need to be rotated after every 6000 miles; however, however this is subject to change depending on your vehicle. Get high-quality tires to avoid them having trouble with wear.

You may not think there are any important issues that you can notice, but you should have an expert look at it. If the engine is fine, then your dashboard computer might need adjusting.

If your mechanic tries to tell you that your car needs all sorts of services not recommended by your owner’s manual, just tell them to stick with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will help you avoid costly repairs that are not really necessary.

Be certain you understand exactly what the mechanic plans to do. Ask him how much it will cost.

Don’t neglect convenience when deciding which repair shop to choose. Some auto repair shops offer free shuttle service to drive you home and pick you up when they are done.

Make sure any authorization form you sign has the price on it. This makes you responsible for the paying for charges your mechanic charges. Know exactly what the cost and then get that amount on any papers that you’re going to sign.

Doing your own auto repairs might seem like an impossible challenge. But, with a little know-how and elbow grease, you really can tackle some common issues. Keep the above advice in mind, and you will have what it takes to succeed.

Malfunctioning Vehicle? Repair Tips That Will Help

Besides familiarizing yourself with the particular model that you own, you can learn other tricks. Read these tips to save both time and money. Our permanent paint protection tapes is a simple, highly effective way for you to keep your customers’ new vehicle in the best condition possible.

Ask your mechanic if they have experience with working on the exact kind of car you have. If they are able to say they’ve done work on a vehicle similar to yours, there is a good chance they will be able to repair your car.

You must wash your car often to avoid rust.All cars will rust up eventually, however you can delay this process by washing all salt and chemicals from your car immediately. Use a good wax to protect your paint job as much as you can.

Look for online body shop’s reviews for any business you’re thinking of patronizing. This is a good way of getting an idea on what other customers have felt. You can use the information to find an auto repair shop that you are comfortable spending your business to.

Make sure that you are receiving OEM parts. These parts are issued by the manufacturer parts. Generic may be cheaper, but they may not be good enough quality. It can appear like a deal right now and cost you more in the end to use generic parts even though you save money now.

Look out for warning signs that repair company. If your mechanic talks in confusing terms or tells you not to worry about the details, then they might not be all that you want them to be. You should feel like you can trust them, so don’t be afraid to choose another one.

Always think of how to fix your car before you bring it in for repairs. You may already know that certain mechanics will come with lies to charge more money.

While most mechanics can be trusted, you don’t want to be paying too much money for the repairs needed. Search for a reliable shops that specializes in repairing the make of vehicle you have. These shops will give you the best bang for your vehicle.

Try looking for someone who works from their own garage. If they possess sufficient experience, you can get the same work done at a much cheaper price. You may save tons of money by going down this route.

Keep washing your car washed during the winter. Winter can be the most damage causing time of the year for your vehicle. Sand and salt can cause rust and corrosion.

Don’t try to diagnose and fix complex auto repair issues. What you may think is an easy fix may be a hard one, especially in newer computerized vehicles. Let the mechanic diagnose it. Give them all the details on what occurred and what you heard, and let them diagnose the trouble.

Check that your mechanic has all of the necessary certifications handy. Look for a seal of approval from automotive institutes. This means that they are properly trained and reliable.

If you’re not able to get your vehicle fixed because you’re tight on funds, get in touch with local vocational schools that train mechanics. You can pay quite as much less for service since students do some work on your vehicle while a mechanic looks on.

Don’t buy any parts to you that come with a promise of lasting a lifetime. This is usually a ploy to get consumers to buy those parts. One example of this is transmission fluid will last a lifetime. While it’s not changed as much as typical fluid, you should still change it every 80,000 miles.

It costs a lot to use the mechanics at the car’s dealer, but it’s often the safest option. The technicians at dealerships are experts in the type of vehicle you have. They have been trained to fix problems common to your car. They usually attend training programs to keep their skills up to date.

Having written proof can be helpful if you need to complain down the road.

If you want to know how to diagnose a car problem, then you should learn a few things about its critical components. You might want to sign up for a class on auto repair.This will enable you to better service your vehicle lasts longer.

Put your car on a jack stands if you’re storing it.

This can prevent your car safe from mud and slush. These are necessary during winter seasons or difficult weather patterns.

When your car gets washed, you should try to clean off your car mats as well. Dirt particles are easily lodged in the rubber surface and over time they will tear holes. Holes aren’t attractive and allow the dirt have a clear path to the carpet beneath.

Get auto repairs done by shops that are authorized by your manufacturer’s authorization. Going to any other dealers could void parts of your warranty.

Ask as many questions you deem necessary when getting your car. Any decent company will gladly answer all of your questions.

Keep detailed records of all the repairs your vehicle. Try to keep this record in a good place in your vehicle.This can help you or the mechanic see any problems you may be having. It can save time and costly diagnostic testing.

This was a popular old rule for many years. Modern vehicles need oil changes every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Follow the manufacturer recommends.

Take your mechanic out for a short drive before having him work on your car. This will help your mechanic to see first hand what kinds of things you are having. This can be a much clearer way to illustrate the issue instead of just hearing about it.

As evidenced by the article above, learning as much as you can about repairing vehicles can give you life-long benefits. Besides the fact that you’ll be able to teach people some things and know how to fix things yourself, you’ll have some extra money in the end too. Keep in mind the advice from this article in order to perform minor repairs on your own.

Under-body Care: How to Clean Your Car Chassis the Right Way

Not everyone is experienced with vehicle care. You may not be an enthusiast or even a mechanic, but learning some basics to maintain the vehicle you own can go a long way in taking care of it. You may not want to handle everything that has to do with the mechanical aspects it, but for the overall life of your vehicle, keeping it clean all over is important. Part of that upkeep is getting down and remove grime underneath. A clean under-body can up its driving performance and improve its lifespan. You might want the experts to take control of this job; however if you ‘d prefer to take care of it yourself, here’s what you need to know to do it right. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, cars have a terrible habit of getting dirty and that’s why you need best car polish.

Step One: Gathering Your Tools. You might think you just need a bit of water, a sponge, some soap and you’re done. This is not the case. You’ll need a degreaser and something to dislodge any debris within the under-body. Helpful items include a garden hose, protective mittens or gloves, oil, soap, a screwdriver, a stiff brush, and tweezers.

Step Two: Put on the Emergency Brake. You need to be able to fit under the vehicle to see the under-body. This means loosening lug nuts, putting the car up using a jack, and then adding the jack stands. Remove all of the lug nuts and the tires from the back end of the vehicle once it is up.

Step Three: Spray and Wash. Spray the rear section of the undercarriage well to remove any loose chunks. Apply soapy water all over, using a large sponge or cleaning mitt. Let the soap sit on the under-body for 15 minutes. Then scrub away the debris with the brushes, use the tweezers to remove the hard debris, and apply your degreaser to the greasy parts of the under body.

Step Four: Rinse and Dry. Spray down the chassis and under body with water. Once it is rinsed off and the dirt is removed, you can dry it with a soft microfiber cloth. Ensure that you dry the painted areas completely so the water does not rust these surfaces.

Step Five: Oil to Protect – Use the 3-in-1 Oil Add the oil to the axles and bearings in the shaft. Wipe off any extra. You can then begin to put the vehicle back together and bring it down off the jack stands. Ensure that the lug nuts are tightened completely on the wheels.

Secrets to Washing of Delivery Vans for Your Fleet or as a Small Business

Delivery van washing techniques are important for speed, efficiency and quality. How do you wash delivery vans?

Watch the tar that the tires pick up on the rocker panels and be sure to soap around the logos on the front by hand. The Ford, Dodges and Chevy’s are pretty easy to wash. Sometimes the easiest way to soap them is to take a towel and dip it into the soap. Then drag it along side of the van rather then try to use a soap sponge. You can usually soap them pretty fast that way. Then wad up the towel when you are done soaping, throw it in the soap bucket and leave it for the next car or the next van. Be sure to pay special attention to the rims, bugs, and rear view windows on delivery vans. Promote your business with advertising material that is attention grabbing and professional and go with stickers Sydney.

Step Side Vans

You may need a little sweep broom to sweep the little area where the driver steps in. Especially bread trucks and UPS trucks and units like that. There is always debris and stuff on the step of the van. When the drivers walk across the parking lot, they usually step into oil and they pick up little things in their shoes. As they get into the van; they inadvertently end up leaving those pieces of paper and stuff on the step inside the van. Also, anything on the dashboard ends up in the right hand corner, and eventually falls onto the passenger side steps where you step up into the van.

When you are washing a step van you want to be careful when you are rinsing not to use very much water and you want to spray at an angle. Start at the top and get the top a little bit wet and get the water kind of rolling down. And you want to move along the van but spray a little bit more water on the top than the bottom. Then let the water that is falling down the side of the van help you with your rinsing.

When performing a periodic wash service, it may be only necessary to soap half way up the sides to the body line, the fronts for bugs and rear for soot. Be careful not to peel logos. You do not want to get too close to signage on step van and peel logos. Federal Express really hates it when their washing contractors peel logos. Drying step vans usually is not necessary unless they are a dark color such as Coit Carpet cleaning franchise vans. We have an account with Safety Clean. They have a bunch of vans and they have a black and a red stripe. The black and the red stripe need to be dried, but the rest of it does not. Also Webber bread and Orowheat vans have dark colors, which should be dried. Step vans that are a part of a bottling company, or Weber bread where they are dark blue and light blue and white, you want to take the dark color, the dark blue and wipe that area off along with the logo areas. The rest of it can drip dry. Another thing to watch for is the windowsill on the driver’s side. It will turn black from elbows of drivers resting on it. Use concentrated cleaner on this area.

Federal Express

Federal Express usually cleans their vehicles a couple of times a week. They used to do them nightly, but they are trying to save money. There is a lot of trash inside Federal Express vehicles and you need to empty the little trash can inside. Lots of sticker pealing backings and things like that. Another area to watch is where the drivers rolls down the window and rest their arms. There is always sticky stuff from all the packaging and glue on the envelopes and such. It gets on their elbows and they rub it on the door. It makes a horrible mess that you have to clean off. But if you use too harsh of a chemical to clean it off you will notice that the paint will start coming off over time. Decals are the easiest to accidentally blow off. I do not know if they have really crappy decals or what, but it is real easy to blow off the decals on a Federal Express van. The back door always has a lot of fingerprints so remember to get those. It is always dirty behind the wheels of a Federal Express van. So, you are going to have to put a little soap there or blast them at close range.

If you are having problems with your costs, washing speeds or quality of wash and need further tips for cleaning your fleet or someone elses, you may wish to contact the Training Director of the Truck Wash Guy Company.

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Get Helpful Tips About Auto Repair That Are Simple To Understand

Having a car repaired can strike fear in the heart of countless individuals. You can become more about auto repairs if armed with the correct information. The following article has some great auto repair tips to get you back in your car and on the road faster. New car paint protection process is what I after with my newly bought car.

You should always have an emergency kit inside your vehicle. This kit should include specific tools for charging your battery, jumper cables, etc.

Ask any questions about your car when you have. Preventing automotive issues is a valuable skill to save money.

You might not have to contact a mechanic every time you have issues with your car. There are several things that could be fixed very easily. If it is not a very difficult job, you can fix it yourself and save a lot of money.

Go over your owner’s manual and make sure to mark important pages. You might even find the information you need to know in your owner’s manual.

Be careful of a mechanic who makes unneeded repairs to the car. A good mechanic will need to be replaced soon but they should not replace the part without getting your full approval. Never give your car to someone who doesn’t do the right kinds of repairs.

If you do not have headlights that are shining bright enough, check them to see if they are clean. Use glass cleaner to keep your lights clean.

Ask about labor rates or prices before giving the keys to a shop. Some repair shops display their rates, but you should not hesitate to ask about rates if you do not see any information. You need to know how you’re billed by your mechanic. Some shops have estimated repair time based on manufacturers guidelines. Some “Minor” repairs might be considered as an all day job by some manufacturers.

It can be very dangerous to repair vehicles on your own car. Always have a buddy nearby that can assist you in case there is an emergency. Buy some good quality tools that will last and not break under pressure. This is very true of your tire changing tools. The jack has to be strong enough to keep the car.That’s why sometimes it’s best to get a good hydraulic floor jack with approved jack stands that are approved.

If you’re not able to get your vehicle fixed because you’re tight on funds, find a vocational school in your area to see if they can repair it. You can pay much if you just let some students do some work on your vehicle while a mechanic looks on.

Don’t let a mechanic insist that getting an engine flushed is normal maintenance visit. This service is very expensive and it isn’t necessary unless you’ve done things to harm your engine like not changing the oil regularly.

It is quite common for customers to find out about additional issues when collecting a car from a repairer. They often try to make it look like you think you’re getting a great deal.Tell them that you’re going to have to talk to them later so that you want to take a few hours to make a decision and then call around for quotes from other shops.

It may be a recall you didn’t know about. The manufacturer may fix your car free of charge.

AAA is a good company to look into when you’ve got auto repair issues. You can often find discounts on an annual AAA has many discount options in place.

Don’t fix your car right away.Call other places to get quotes on the type of repair the original mechanic is recommending. If you find a cheaper price, pay the shop for the labor and get your car fixed elsewhere.

Keep your vehicle repair and maintenance receipts in a file in your glove box. You can categorize them chronologically or by service repair type. This will be very valuable to you.

If you don’t have basic knowledge about the car, then you should learn a few things about its critical components. You might want to sign up for a class on auto repair.This is why it’s a good idea to look for problems and address them before they get serious so your car which will help it last longer.

Set cash limits on what car work can be done without your authorization.Don’t simply allow the mechanic make whatever repairs they want after your drop off your car. Set a dollar amount that they don’t call you first.

If they do great work at a auto shop you’ve been to, make sure to go to them for all your car troubles. You might also receive a loyal customer.

Modern vehicles are equipped to all kinds of sensors that will tell you when there are detected. Sometimes these sensors break too, so it is a good idea to manually check your car every once in a while.

Seek second opinion prior to committing to major repairs done on you car. The mechanic may be offended or offer a special price to do repairs right away, but be suspicious of this.

Don’t fear asking questions when you’re getting your vehicle repaired. A reputable mechanic is always happy to provide you with a written estimate.

Find a technician that’s familiar with the make and model of your cars similar to yours. Ask them about their experience; find out if they have experience with your make and model of vehicle.

Keep a careful record of your vehicle. Try to keep this record in a good place in your vehicle. This record can help as your mechanic tries to figure out what kind of problem you are having. This can make diagnosing a lot of unnecessary time trying to locate the mechanic.

Take your mechanic for a spin to show him work on your car’s problem. This will help your mechanic to see first hand what kinds of things you are having. This may be more effective than simply describing the problem.

There isn’t any question that having a broken down car is among the most frustrating things around. But, with some helpful information, you won’t have to worry; repairs will be made properly. Remember the information above to tackle problems you have.