Australia’s waste industry is in crisis, and it’s a warning to the world about China’s market power

This green waste disposal is easy to dump in a place where it can be use as a fertilizer. China’s sudden ban on the importation of recyclable waste threatens household recycling bin collection in Australia. The local waste industry is in a mounting crisis and says recycling bin pickup contracts with councils across Australia face […]

Follow These Quick Simple Steps on How to Paint a Car

As days go by, automobiles play an integral part in the lives of so many people. Almost everyday, they use cars to accomplish their various needs especially in terms of traveling. However, upon waking up some day, they may find these precious things greatly affected by wear-and-tear caused by certain underlying factors such as weather […]

Are You Over Polishing Your Car’s Paint?

I have been reading a lot of threads on my forum lately that basically start with people asking “what polish should I use?” I couldn’t help but think, how do I best avoid using a harsh best car polish all together? I think it’s time for a completely different discussion about car polishing. What I […]

How to Get Paint Off Your Car

Removing car paint is necessary when repainting or restoring an older car and that’s the time you will apply our paint protection. If you’re asking a professional to repaint or restore your car, then you won’t need to worry about doing it yourself. However, if you’re working on your car yourself, knowing how to safely […]