Secrets to Washing of Delivery Vans for Your Fleet or as a Small Business

Delivery van washing techniques are important for speed, efficiency and quality. How do you wash delivery vans?

Watch the tar that the tires pick up on the rocker panels and be sure to soap around the logos on the front by hand. The Ford, Dodges and Chevy’s are pretty easy to wash. Sometimes the easiest way to soap them is to take a towel and dip it into the soap. Then drag it along side of the van rather then try to use a soap sponge. You can usually soap them pretty fast that way. Then wad up the towel when you are done soaping, throw it in the soap bucket and leave it for the next car or the next van. Be sure to pay special attention to the rims, bugs, and rear view windows on delivery vans. Promote your business with advertising material that is attention grabbing and professional and go with stickers Sydney.

Step Side Vans

You may need a little sweep broom to sweep the little area where the driver steps in. Especially bread trucks and UPS trucks and units like that. There is always debris and stuff on the step of the van. When the drivers walk across the parking lot, they usually step into oil and they pick up little things in their shoes. As they get into the van; they inadvertently end up leaving those pieces of paper and stuff on the step inside the van. Also, anything on the dashboard ends up in the right hand corner, and eventually falls onto the passenger side steps where you step up into the van.

When you are washing a step van you want to be careful when you are rinsing not to use very much water and you want to spray at an angle. Start at the top and get the top a little bit wet and get the water kind of rolling down. And you want to move along the van but spray a little bit more water on the top than the bottom. Then let the water that is falling down the side of the van help you with your rinsing.

When performing a periodic wash service, it may be only necessary to soap half way up the sides to the body line, the fronts for bugs and rear for soot. Be careful not to peel logos. You do not want to get too close to signage on step van and peel logos. Federal Express really hates it when their washing contractors peel logos. Drying step vans usually is not necessary unless they are a dark color such as Coit Carpet cleaning franchise vans. We have an account with Safety Clean. They have a bunch of vans and they have a black and a red stripe. The black and the red stripe need to be dried, but the rest of it does not. Also Webber bread and Orowheat vans have dark colors, which should be dried. Step vans that are a part of a bottling company, or Weber bread where they are dark blue and light blue and white, you want to take the dark color, the dark blue and wipe that area off along with the logo areas. The rest of it can drip dry. Another thing to watch for is the windowsill on the driver’s side. It will turn black from elbows of drivers resting on it. Use concentrated cleaner on this area.

Federal Express

Federal Express usually cleans their vehicles a couple of times a week. They used to do them nightly, but they are trying to save money. There is a lot of trash inside Federal Express vehicles and you need to empty the little trash can inside. Lots of sticker pealing backings and things like that. Another area to watch is where the drivers rolls down the window and rest their arms. There is always sticky stuff from all the packaging and glue on the envelopes and such. It gets on their elbows and they rub it on the door. It makes a horrible mess that you have to clean off. But if you use too harsh of a chemical to clean it off you will notice that the paint will start coming off over time. Decals are the easiest to accidentally blow off. I do not know if they have really crappy decals or what, but it is real easy to blow off the decals on a Federal Express van. The back door always has a lot of fingerprints so remember to get those. It is always dirty behind the wheels of a Federal Express van. So, you are going to have to put a little soap there or blast them at close range.

If you are having problems with your costs, washing speeds or quality of wash and need further tips for cleaning your fleet or someone elses, you may wish to contact the Training Director of the Truck Wash Guy Company.

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